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Why buy new?

February 23, 2023

Why buy new?

There are a slew of benefits to buying a newly constructed home—aside from the beauty of a brand-spanking-new abode. Sure, there’s an element of excitement about being the first one to break in the kitchen, the first one to sleep under the roof, but there are a number of other reasons why buying new is also buying smart

Less Unknowns & Expensive Updates

Used homes can house many unknowns, including some major, expensive headaches that could be lurking just under the surface. While home inspectors can catch some needed updates, other homeowner responsibilities—such as piping and sewer-line issues—are often missed. Normal wear-and-tear also impacts a home’s windows and roof, all of which carry BIG price tags and are a big hassle.

New construction boasts brand new HVAC systems, roofs, furnaces, electrical systems, windows, flooring…the list goes on and on. And all these sparkly, new items? There’s no need to update or replace them anytime soon!

Warrantees = Peace of Mind

As well, builder warrantees cover a new home’s structure, systems, and many other facets, offering peace of mind. So if something should oddly go amiss, you’re covered—at no cost! Purchasing limited warrantees on used homes come at the buyer’s expense, and you best read the fine print carefully, as there are loopholes aplenty to avoid replacing appliances and the like.

Energy Efficiencies & Lower Utility Bills

Another benefit of buying new is improved energy efficiency and the cost-savings that comes with a home that’s been built to today’s higher standards. Modern construction means the latest-and-greatest advances in construction materials, which are designed to be efficient and lower monthly utility bills. As an added bonus, some new-construction is certified by independent, home-energy raters, which require the build meet certain energy standards and requirements.

Smart Floor Plans & Upgrades

“One of the benefits we, as a new-home industry, received from the pandemic was that it forced us to rethink floor plans,” adds Bruce Stout, Managing Broker at Rodrock & Associates, Realtors®. “Consumers began to realize that work-from-home and study-from-home were viable concepts—if you have the necessary spaces. Redesigning how we live and the floor plans revisions to accommodate that lifestyle were integral in the success of the builders who responded to these new trends. As well, with the ever-evolving changes in technology, today’s homes are incorporating more and more technology. Higher energy efficiencies, electronics controlled by phone apps, and remotely controlled security systems are only beginning to scratch the surface of what technology can do. New-construction homebuyers receive peace of mind knowing that they have the newest and most technologically advanced products and materials being used to construct their new home.”

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