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Rodrock Development has been creating new-home communities of lasting value in Johnson County, Kansas, since 1981. We truly understand what it takes to meet your challenges, needs, and concerns as a homebuyer. See what our homeowners have to say!

What Our Homebuyers are Saying

  • “We moved into our second house in Stonebridge in January. We bought our spec in 2015 and loved the community so much we decided to build here again. We just couldn’t bring ourselves to leave! We have 3 children (a teenager and 2 toddlers), and there’s something to do for both age ranges. We love the basketball courts for our teenage son and the playgrounds for our toddler girls. We love to swing and go down the slides each night after dinner. We also enjoy the access to all the pools—and each pool has something unique for us, so we can switch it up. We love walking the trails, too. We live in a cul-de-sac now and love all our neighbors and the VERY kid-friendly street! (There are 17 kids right now—and it’s not even finished being built!) We also love all the holiday events: the sleigh rides and Christmas lights in December, the Halloween and Easter gatherings. My sister has been joining our family at some of those events and just bought a house in Stonebridge Trails this week so she can begin her family out here, too. We can’t wait!”

    Kirsten Long | Stonebridge

  • “Living in Stonebridge has been a wonderful experience for our family. We’ve been here 11 years and have met neighbors who have become like family to us. We’ve been on family vacations with several neighbors and feel that we have a village here to help us raise children. Our kids are in the local elementary and middle school, and we feel blessed with the care our educators take into building quality educations for our kids.”

    Cathy Hubler | Stonebridge

  • “Part of the draw for us was the location. Sundance Ridge is out a little further without being completely removed from things. We’re 15 minutes from about anyplace we need or want to go. We’re not right on top of people here. There is no traffic, noise, and congestion. We really enjoy the very quiet, peaceful setting. And we have a real strong sense of community. People look out for each other here and want what’s best for the neighborhood. They didn’t just buy a house—they bought into a community that they want to see succeed. There’s great pride in that.”

    Roger and Heidi Breshears | Sundance

  • “We chose Mission Ranch because it’s close to a wonderful school and the neighborhood is really family-friendly. We have two small daughters and were looking for someplace with a real sense of community. Mission Ranch has a Moms’ Council that coordinates activities for kids, and since we’re from out of state, we’re hoping this will help us become part of the community.”

    Jolene Mitchell | Mission Ranch

  • “We love the hills, trees, nature, and amount of green space throughout the community. The amenities are great! The grounds are so well kept, and it’s always nice to drive by the spectacular waterfall and manicured entrance coming into the neighborhood. Having such a wonderful experience over the past 12 years, it’s easy for me to sell within the community. Some of the things that attract clients are the trees, hills, green space, schools, and wonderful amenities. The pool area is one of the best around! In addition, there’s a playground, sand volleyball court, and grill/shelter areas for gatherings. The Moms’ Council is so well run and a huge asset. The holiday hayrides, movie nights at the park, Farmer’s Market, and Fourth of July bike parade are just a few of the events that bring neighbors together.”

    Aaron Donner of the Donner Group at Keller Williams | Forest View

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